Adopt a Church

Visitors from Community Christian Church

Frontline Worship Center is a multi-site church whose goal is for every church to eventually reproduce multiplying sustainable churches. We have planted churches in several rural areas, or impoverished neighborhoods where even if every member of the church is giving a 10% tithe of their monthly income to the church, that amount still would not be able to maintain monthly church operations and expenses. To sustain these churches long-term we have implemented the “Adopt a Church” project where you can invest in one of our churches through a monthly gift, which would provide each church with the opportunity to grow, invest in their community, and reproduce leaders to plant new churches. Each church requires $300 to cover expenses such as rent, building maintenance, allowances to cover transportation costs, local feeding programs, leadership development seminars, gift-giving, and new church plants. This amount will also help to cover the allowances of pastors that are working full time to run these churches, without the needed funds pastors who have been called by the Lord to serve must give up on that calling because they can not afford to financially support themselves or their families, and eventually would need to seek a new means of income. By adopting one of our churches you are not only giving that church financial peace, and stability, you also allow Frontline Worship Center to take a step closer to its goal and make disciples of all of the Philippines.


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