Covid 19 – Frontline Relief Operation

May 18, 2020

Philippine Frontline Ministries Inc. would like to thank everyone who has given far for this campaign in order to help people in need with food and other necessities.

With the Enhance Community Quarantine (lockdown) and limit on good at stores, it was not easy to procure the needed relief goods. But we finally got enough grocery items to complete our assistance to people in need during this Covid 19 Pandemic. Please continue to pray for these people. There are so many more who need help. There is no doubt that people are hungry, and many have no solutions.

We’ve assisted hundreds of families with rice and packages of food supplies and soap and bleach (for sanitizing).  We are hoping to help more people affected by this pandemic.

Thank you again for caring, sharing, and praying. You can be sure that these packages mean a lot to those who have received them.

We are Better Together!