February 24, 2023

We at Frontline Worship Center are incredibly grateful for the generous donation made by Free Grace Fellowship. Over 100 house church leaders were each given Bibles and essential groceries, and this contribution has had a tremendous impact on these leaders serving with us at FWC.

The donation drive was carried out with the aim of helping these leaders continue their mission of spreading the Gospel and to acknowledge and appreciate their valuable contributions to God’s kingdom through their leadership of house churches. The gesture was received with gratitude and joy by the leaders, who expressed their appreciation for the support they had received.

Our conviction is that the Bible is a valuable asset for every leader, and through the provision of these Bibles, it will serve as a vital tool for their spiritual growth and enable them to support others in their faith journey. And the groceries they provided will be instrumental in helping these leaders’ families access the necessary nourishment to maintain their overall health and well-being.

We are inspired by the generosity of the Free Grace Fellowship, and we know that their donation will have a lasting impact on these leaders. We sincerely thank you.

As a community of believers, we remain committed to serving those who are facing difficulties and sharing the hope and love of God with everyone we encounter. We express our sincere gratitude once again to Free Grace Fellowship for their willingness to be instruments of God’s love and for their remarkable generosity, encouragement, and demonstration of kindness and compassion. Your contribution has made a significant difference, and we thank you for partnering with us in working for God’s kingdom.