Frontline to Frontliners

May 15, 2020

They cannot QUARANTINE our Mission of Reaching and Helping People Find their Way back to God! Even during the Enhance Community Quarantine (Lockdown), the Lord has open doors for us to be channel of God’s love to our courageous Frontliners.

Frontline delivered the country’s favorite Filipino burger and a drink to our Frontliners in different checkpoints all over the City of San Pablo.  Before leaving them with the snacks, we ask if we can pray for them and they all want to be prayed for. One soldier was deeply touched by God, tears were rolling down on his cheeks as Pastor Max lead them in prayer. God is at work, and He never stops working even during difficult times!

Beyond the call of duty to serve others, you demonstrated how people can still choose kindness and compassion, rather than add fuel to fear. From the bottom of our hearts, we salute you for your service.