February 14, 2023

We are thrilled to celebrate the impact of our ‘FWC Basics’ training program, which is currently being conducted across multiple FWC locations. This comprehensive program equips our workers and leaders with essential knowledge and skills in Soul Winning, Discipleship, Leadership, Church Planting through House Churches, and other key areas.

At FWC, we strongly believe in the power of house churches to help people find their way back to God, and our ‘FWC Basics’ training provides our workers and leaders with the tools and resources they need to start, facilitate, and grow house churches in their communities. Through the training, they learn how to share their testimonies, evangelize effectively, build meaningful relationships with their disciples and apprentices, and establish and nurture house churches.

We are proud of the growth and development we have seen in our workers and leaders as a result of this training program. They have become more confident and skilled in sharing the gospel and mentoring new believers, and they have deepened their understanding of their role in the church. The training covers critical topics such as starting and leading a house church, developing a vision for the house church, providing pastoral care to members, and more. The accompanying booklet serves as a valuable reference for continued learning.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated pastors, trainers and organizers who have worked tirelessly to make this training a success. We are excited about the continued growth and development of our workers and leaders as they continue to benefit from ‘FWC Basics’ training.