November 27, 2023

As we reflect on the journey of Frontline Worship Center through the 3rd Quarter of 2023, we are reminded that the path to our dreams is not always a straight line. Our recent dream week, held on November 25, 2023, at our training center, brought us face to face with both challenges and victories.

One notable aspect of this quarter was a setback in the number of established house churches. Despite our initial progress, we encountered a temporary dip from 162 back to 155 house churches. While setbacks are not uncommon, we approach them not as failures but as integral parts of our learning process.

Our original goal of planting 131 house churches in 2023 was not only achieved but surpassed, even in the face of the setback. This resilience speaks to the unwavering commitment of our community and house church leaders. The setbacks, though challenging, serve as valuable lessons, prompting us to adapt, grow, and strengthen our foundations.

In the broader scope of our journey, spanning from 4th Quarter 2022 to 3rd Quarter 2023 (a full year), the numbers tell a story of resilience and continuous effort. If we consider that no house church closed during this period, we proudly celebrate the planting of 242 house churches. This surpasses mere numbers; it’s the real growth of faith, love, and community we’ve nurtured across different barangays in our city of San Pablo.

It’s important to note that, even in instances where house churches may have closed, the impact of The Great Commission endures. The Gospel was shared, hearts were ministered to, and seeds of faith were planted. Each setback is an opportunity to reassess, refine, and recommit to our collective mission.

As we move forward, we carry the lessons of the 3rd Quarter with us — lessons of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering faith in our mission of reaching and helping people find their way back to God. Our journey is a dynamic interplay of highs and lows, setbacks and advancements, but through it all, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the Jesus Mission.

Let this season of reflection propel us into the next with renewed determination, knowing that every step, even the challenging ones, brings us closer to fulfilling the purpose set before us.

Continue praying for us, seeking God’s blessings on our efforts and guidance as we earnestly strive to fulfill His mission here on earth.