August 31, 2023

As a continuation of our journey, we’re thrilled to share the exciting update from Frontline Worship Center’s second-quarter dream week.

Just like the first quarter, this dream week was a vibrant celebration of our achievements, a reinforcement of unity, and a reaffirmation of the Lord’s unwavering faithfulness guiding us on this path.

Gathering house church leaders from various corners, the dream week served as a melting pot of shared experiences, where challenges were conquered and victories celebrated. Providing an invaluable platform, it enabled leaders to exchange wisdom, share effective strategies, and draw inspiration from each other’s journeys.

Our recent dream week, which unfolded on August 19th, continued to illuminate the themes of unity and growth, while also recognizing and celebrating the Lord’s ceaseless faithfulness. As we continue our journey towards establishing 1,048 churches by 2026, our goal for this year was to establish 131 house churches. Remarkably, we not only met but exceeded this target, with an impressive 162 house churches established by the close of the second quarter in 2023! This builds upon our success from the first quarter, during which we already had 155 house churches.

However, these achievements are more than just numbers. They symbolize the unwavering commitment of our house church leaders, who tirelessly nurture their communities and foster spiritual growth. As the dream week came to a close, our congregation of leaders stood united, fortified by their steadfast faith and the deep-rooted belief that this remarkable journey is ultimately dedicated to glorifying God. With faith as their guiding light and unity as their foundation, they eagerly continue to spread the message of love, faith, and God’s enduring faithfulness.

Together, we embrace the future with optimism, united in purpose and fueled by faith, as we continue to bring the message of love and faith to our community and beyond.

Stay connected, stay united, and stay faithful in reaching and helping people find their way back to God through house churches.