May 3, 2023

Last April 30, 2023, Frontline Worship Center (FWC) celebrated its 23rd Anniversary with a special theme of “Together We Abide, Together We Grow, Together We Go.” The event was held at the PLSP Gymnasium, and around 1,200 people attended from different sites and house churches.

The event featured a special speaker, Mr. Robert Han, who shared inspiring messages about the importance of abiding in Christ. Mr. Robert Han’s insights encouraged the attendees to deepen their relationship with Christ and to trust in Him fully.

The celebration also involved the ordination and installation of our pastors. This was a significant moment in the church’s history, as it marked the growth of the church’s leadership and the continued commitment of its leaders to serve the church community. The celebration was also a time of praise and worship as the we sang songs of thanksgiving and praise to God for the 23 years of His faithfulness, goodness, and His favor in our church.

In addition to the above, FWC celebrated exceeding this year’s target of planting 131 house churches by planting a total of 155 house churches! This remarkable achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of FWC’s leaders and members in spreading the Gospel to more people.

In summary, the 23rd Anniversary celebration of Frontline Worship Center was a significant event that reflected the church’s commitment to abiding in Christ, growing in faith, and sharing the Gospel with others. Moreover, the planting of 155 house churches shows FWC’s dedication to spreading the Gospel and making a positive impact in the community. The atmosphere was charged with positive energy and the knowledge that, with God’s help, the church could do anything.

We, the FWC community, express our heartfelt gratitude to the Lord for the life of our founding director, Rev. Jeff Pessina, and to our Lead Pastor at FWC, Rev. Max Beloso, as well as to all the FWC Pastors and House Church Leaders who tirelessly contributed to the success of this celebration. We also extend our appreciation to everyone who made this event a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Ultimately, we are extremely grateful to God for His faithfulness and goodness in the past 23 years. We thank Him for His unwavering guidance, protection, and provision throughout the years and for the numerous blessings that He has bestowed upon our church. We are excited for the future years and the opportunities He will provide to reach and help people find their way back to God. We are blessed to have been a part of His work and look forward to continuing our journey with Him.