February 9, 2023

Aiza Chavez is a resident of Brgy. San Ignacio, San Pablo City, who is married with four children. She has a difficult past, marked by a chaotic family life and financial struggles. She felt lost and without peace until she met Jesus and made Him her Lord and Savior. This encounter transformed her life and gave her peace, despite her life’s circumstances staying the same. 

Aiza’s husband, who previously prevented her from attending church activities, had a change of heart and now attends their house church.

“In the past, my husband was an obstacle to my attendance at church activities. I prayed that God would touch his heart and the Lord answered my prayer. Now, he participates in our house church.”- Aiza

Ate Rowena played a big role in Aiza’s spiritual journey. She was a true blessing in Aiza’s life, serving as an instrument of God in guiding her towards a deeper relationship with Him. She went above and beyond to reach out to Aiza and her husband, constantly inviting them to attend their house church. Despite any challenges or obstacles, Ate Rowena persevered in her efforts to bring them closer to God. Her unwavering faith and dedication to God’s mission was a source of inspiration to Aiza, and helped to solidify her own relationship with Him.

Aiza’s story is a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, there is hope and transformation available through a relationship with God. Her story is one of hope, joy, and a life transformed by the love and grace of God.

The role of the house church in Aiza’s journey was crucial in helping her grow and deepen her relationship with God. Through her participation in the house church, she was able to connect with other believers and build a supportive community that encouraged and strengthened her faith. The house church provided a safe and welcoming environment where Aiza could worship, pray, and learn more about God’s love and grace.

Furthermore, the house church also provided opportunities for Aiza to serve and use her gifts to further God’s kingdom. She is now a potential leader of a house church and will soon lead another house church.

This sense of purpose and fulfillment only added to the transformative power of her faith, as she was able to see the tangible impact of her relationship with God on the world around her.

In conclusion, the house church played a significant role in Aiza’s spiritual journey, providing her with a community of believers, opportunities for worship, growth, and service, and a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace. The house church was a key factor in the transformation of Aiza’s life and continues to play a vital role in her journey with God.