"If every Christian can win just one person a year, and disciple that new believer to also become a disciple maker - a hero maker out of others - and if each leader is constantly training someone else through apprenticeship, then God's church will grow exponentially."

This is what Be One Make One is all about. This is at the heart of FWC. This focused on making disciples, multiplying leaders, and planting churches. You can download the overall strategy of Be One Make One in each phases below in Filipino or in English versions.

Bring In

This is the first phase of the process with the goal of bringing people to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. After the person accepted Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and Lord, he/she will go through these steps in order to establish the assurance of his/her salvation and the foundation of his/her faith.

This phase includes these steps:

  • Step One: BRING IN with 7 LESSONS
  • Step Two: PLUG In with 4 LESSONS
  • Step Three: ONE WEEKEND with 2-Day RETREAT

Build Up

This is the second phase of the process with the goal to build up believers into Christian faith, life, service, and leadership through their local churches.

This phase includes these steps:

  • 315 LEADERSHIP with 16 LESSONS

Send Out

This is the last phase and we are now ready to send them out to make disciple makers, multiply leaders, and plant churches.

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